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Cinema / Projections

Whole range of lamps for the analog and digital projectors or projection system for events and cinematic applications  


Stage & Studio / Audio-Visual Lamps / TV Lighting

Lamps for venues such as Studio, Stage, Film and TV productions,Theater, Events, Clubs, Discotheques, Karaoke and Architainment lighting which requires sharp,

cz_ecz_0303reliable and great illumination.      


Medical / Spectral Lamps

Professional Surgical, endoscopy, bilirubin, medical analysis, dental treatment etc.. required special lamps to provide reliable and effective lighting.






Science & Technology

Specialized lamps for industrial application, research, germicidal for water and air sterilization, deodorization, UV curing, biological and medical usage. Food warmer, farming, plastics, paper, printing, cosmetics and industrial applications