Environmental COVID-19 Detection Solutions

Clinical Testing

It is a critical tool in the fight, but it is practically and politically difficult to test everyone.

  • Symptomatic patients may only be ~50% of total.
  • Point-of-Care tests may help to expand usage, but development and deployment takes time and accuracy is questionable.

Environmental surveillance

It is complementary to clinical testing and established in a variety of industries (e.g. healthcare, water, food) as an upstream indicator of risk.

  • A non-invasive way to determine community prevalence of the virus and carry out ‘cluster busting’.
  • Research shows it is an upstream predictor of infection days in advance.
  • Can also be used to validate cleaning activities.

The 3 Key Testing Protocols

Clinical Diagnostics

To diagnose COVID-19 in

Surface / Air Testing

To identify SARS-CoV-2 in
shared spaces

Wastewater Testing

To identify COVID-19 in

Surface and Air Testing

Gain Evidenced-Based Knowledge to Mitigate Risk

  • Identify Asymptomatic & Presymptomatic Carriers
  • Discover the virus in your environment and determine which people to test to reduce the risk of spread through early detection. Facilitate contact tracing.

Verify Disinfection Protocols and Provide Advanced Warning

  • Test surfaces and air samples to ensure that your environment has been successfully remediated of the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

Keep Your Business Open

  • Qickly determine the health of facilities and reinforce security with a qPCRbased environmental testing regimen.

Enabling us to work, live & play with confidence.

Our Difference


Rapid testing with laboratory-grade sensitivity and specificity.


Portable solutions that can be deployed on multiple sample types.


Test result can be uploaded to a cloud-base to automates and track test result or date swabbed.


End-to-end solutions backed by industry-leading production capacity and a stable supply chain.

Large Premise Testing

Every test area to be enabled to track and enabling environmental monitoring on an entire building.


Gold-standard qPCR Testing Technology

Wastewater testing for COVID-19 is done via qPCR – the same technology used for clinical testing.

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